About Me:

My very first published design was the cover of my high school year book. It was gold ink printed on a dark brown leather-like background. I hand lettered the year "1994" and embellished it with flourishes and twirls. As a yearbook committee member I directed the page layouts and bossed the photographers around, sending them here and there with very specific instructions. It was pretty clear what direction I was headed.

I had the rare opportunity to intern with Walter Bernard and Milton Glasser as my last semester of college, where I learned design habits I still follow today. I prefer to measure in picas and points rather than in inches. Inspiration for my designs comes from my environment and experiences. I continue to paint and draw in my spare time. 

I currently live in Union, NJ with my two terrific children, an eighty pound pitbull, two cuddly beagles, and three cats. When I'm not designing something brilliant, you may find me face painting at a local birthday party, or block party. I also volunteer as a foster for Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue.